We talk about what is going on in your life and hone in on what you want to change.

Change how you think and feel about things (past, present, and future); change your relationships

with time, work, other people, and yourself; change your habits and how you show up. Understand

and overcome barriers to change (eg, ‘self-sabbatage’).

Set and cultivate goals, build self-confidence, learn how to fail and get up, and step into new identities.

Explore, change, and grow

Get in touch with your boundaries and desires, say what you really want to say, and let go of people pleasing and tying yourself in to knots. Rebuild your energy and agency. Learn to be a boss without thick skin or armor. Feel the soft blanket and soft buzz staying right with yourself no matter what. Acknowledge and embrace your full experience and all the parts of yourself.

Be more of yourself. Be your whole self. Feel amazing. Make amazing things happen in the world.

Single 55-min session or packages of 4 x 55-min sessions are available

I started getting coaching when I moved from being a teacher to the administrator of multiple programs for highly vulnerable populations. I was totally overwhelmed with the new role—especially with all the drama and lack of training—and I honestly didn’t know if I’d make it. I didn’t actually have a goal other than survival and needing to check in with someone I could trust and help me work smarter, rather than just harder. I wanted to work with Rosie because she explicitly focuses on sustainability in challenging but important roles. I have been pleasantly surprised by the variety of practices and how immediate the results have been. I feel much better after every session, and the effects last for as long as I remember what we practiced. The attention to feelings and self-nurturing are really powerful. Her coaching really addresses the gap I found in thought work (instinct and trauma patterns bring up feelings that are real!). She is integrating so much wisdom and making it accessible to people. It’s so valuable. Now, I am better able to manage the multitude of stressors in my work life, own what's mine, and let go of what isn't. I feel less caught up in other people's dramas and more connected to myself and my mission, goals, and aspirations. I would recommend working with her to ev-er-y-one!



Rosie’s stellar coaching ability is only matched by her passion for saving the planet. The planet is so lucky to have Rosie, and if you get coached by her you will be too. She understands first-hand how hard it is to struggle with big world-changing ideas and to have to face the inevitable setbacks. With her guidance and sympathetic support (but no fucking babying), getting up and facing the next challenge becomes not only doable all over again but possible to do without burn-out or self-recrimination. Spending time with Rosie is inspiring and energising, funny and deep all at the same time. Join Rosie’s mission – change your thoughts and change the world.

Discover your gifts and live into who you really are!

This is a stellar session that I have designed to identify your unique gifts. By 'gifts', I really mean your truest, most essential self. Once you know who/what you really are, navigating the world becomes a million times more clear and easy. Then we 'lock in' those feeling so that it lasts well beyond the coaching session. Honestly, it's pretty much magic✧・゚: *✧・゚ 

Here’s how the session will go: If we don’t know each other yet, we will spend 5-15 mins discussing what’s going on in your life, what you’d like help with, and any questions you have. Full disclosure: the finding your ‘gifts’ exercise requires you role-play someone who is envious of you. Sometimes, this can be a little upsetting or even triggering. If you think that might be the case, let’s discuss whether this is an appropriate exercise for you and, if you are activated, how we should address it. Then, owning our gifts/ true selves and memory reconsolidation require us to really embody those sensations and act them out. This can feel a little silly and vulnerable. I want you to know that I am honored to go there with you and hold these sessions as sacred and completely confidential. And I recommend that you have a private space for the session:-). 

This session was really personal and confirmed all my previous suspicions about who and what I really am.

It was not just an epiphany that I had once and forgot. It’s been very available to me ever since.

We did this sequence one time, and now I can connect with my true self pretty much immediately.

Since the session, I’ve been able to integrate it on my own and walk through the world as my true self. It feels like more rapid progress every time I try it. It was, actually IS, awesome. I am so grateful.


Lately I’m so into in anything that feels out of the box and I wanted to explore what we could learn from people that are jealous of me. Without ever feeling rushed, we went on a whole journey and accomplished so much in one session.

I loved not knowing where she were taking me—just going along for the ride and then seeing how it all fits together.

The biggest transformation was getting specific about a particular shadow that often haunts me. It’s so helpful to recognize it when it comes up (instead of being on autopilot and completely taken over by it) and have an inner persona that I can shift towards. I could really FEEL the difference. I just had a very stressful trip to Texas, but I could handle it! I feel more resilient, confident, free, self-empowered, and in touch with my desires.

I trust other coaches, but I don’t feel as comfortable as I do with Rosie. I can be completely honest and vulnerable with her. I love that in a coach. She is really good with people who are struggling with anxiety and depression or feeling lost and insecure. I definitely recommend working with Rosie if you want to experience internal growth and healing as you become more successful in your career.


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